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Beautiful New Year’s in Vermont. There is something so magical about snow – ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with it. 

SAIL’s first launch was successful. We sold out within the first month, and I am currently designing new sweaters for the Spring 2021 collection. I hope to do three separate drops this year and earn $100k in revenue by the end of 2021. In addition to designing more clothing, I would also like to directly collaborate with photographers like Domenic Biagini to help with whale and dolphin preservation. Collaborating with creators doesn’t necessarily mean creating clothes with whale and dolphin designs, but I would like to sponsor a creator in producing maybe a short film about the work they do to help with the creative process as well as spread their message about saving our planet. The latter idea applies to other causes like marine pollution, ocean acidification, and ocean warming.

Although SAIL is, at its base, a sustainable clothing line, I view it as more of a community that fosters environmental diligence and awareness. To differentiate SAIL from other sustainable clothing lines, I want to also directly impact the community For example, maybe host a workshop or informational session at a local elementary school or even a college on how detrimental the fashion industry is to our environment. I could also propose how SAIL is reshaping today’s fashion industry by using sustainable fabrics, recycling plastic bags, and lowering shipping costs by shipping straight from the supplier to the customer instead of a fulfillment facility. 

Another goal for SAIL is to really embrace the idea that buying less is better. I haven’t figured out a proper business model yet, but I want to figure out a way to compensate people for not buying new clothes and taking old clothing as a donation to SAIL for a certain discount. However, I need to take into consideration how much pollution the shipping would cause. Initially, I was planning on creating new clothing or blankets from secondhand clothing from SAIL’s customers but then I realized the benefits of selling refurbished second-hand clothing outweigh the pollution caused by shipping. 

Ultimately, SAIL’s goal is to make a major statement against fast fashion and inspire consumers and major clothing brands to be more environmentally aware and conscious. 

I am hoping this year will be SAIL’s biggest year!

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