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Hit 5,000 followers on SAIL!!! Here is a link to a special video I made for my followers as a thank you:
Also, got the new samples in the mail today! I made the hoodie fit a little looser and the screen-print on the back done over. I also received new samples for a shirt I plan on launching next year! 
In other news, I finally finished creating the list of 5,000 influencers. I could’ve written code to collect all the influencers, thankfully Instagram uses Python, but I wanted to make sure all those 5000 individuals had the highest chance of getting a response & interest.
I started sending customized emails to a bulk of people to see if they would be interested in hosting a giveaway with SAIL to celebrate our launch. 
After work, my housemate Grant and I build a fire pit in the backyard to make some s’mores. The sky was super clear – I think Grant and I saw around a total of twenty shooting stars while we were outside. 

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