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With the help of many influencers and big social media pages, SAIL’s first giveaway reached a network of nearly 3 million followers! Through the giveaway, I was able to reach so many people. SAIL’s Instagram hit nearly 7.5k today! So close to 10k; it’s amazing. 
The launch is in less than a week and I’m both super excited and very nervous! Currently posting three times a day to work the Instagram algorithm and get SAIL on the explore page! There are loads more things to get done, from ensuring our payment processor is working fine (PayPal can be a headache sometimes) to reviewing the email newsletters and updates to keep people informed about the launch, etc. 
Can’t wait to launch this project! It’s been such a crazy journey seeing this project come to fruition. To think it all started as a dream and a couple of sketches on my agenda. 

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