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My 75-minute Theology class ended at 4:45, just 15 minutes before launch. During the last thirty minutes of class, I worked hastily to edit an official launch video to notify everyone the store is officially live. After exporting the video and writing up a caption to post right at 5pm EST, I checked my email + SMS campaigns one more time to make sure there were no typos or missing information. On another screen, I had the store’s admin page up to unlock the site’s password page right at 5pm. 
At 5:01pm, there were nearly 50+ people on the site. I posted the official launch videos and sent all the emails + SMS notifications. Also, the ads I purchased from big ocean/marine life pages on Instagram went live. I couldn’t stop staring at the live view (it shows exactly where people are from on the site and what pages they are viewing). Immediately, we got 10+ add to carts and 5+ checking out. The first order was from a friend of mine that I met through doing e-commerce—a great friend and mentor who has always been there for me.  
We sold nearly 50% of inventory within the first day! The support is unreal and feels like a dream. Grant and I made a quick trip to the grocery store for celebratory steak. Excuse the burnt areas, but it was super tender. 
Will start launching retargeting ads + cold traffic targeting through FB + Instagram. Small daily budget for now until I can find an influencer to collaborate with again! Once this hoodie sells out, I’ll start whipping up new designs.

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