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Just got back home for Christmas. A cheery season celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends. Although, my life wasn’t really filled with Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You, the smell of hot chocolate with marshmallows, or the dazzling lights of a Christmas tree. I was in my basement (not as punishment) working on shipping all of the orders for my travel and camera gear E-Commerce store, OMNIWOAH. Q4 (October~ December) has always been my busiest time of year because of holiday online shopping. 

The basement was my HQ. I was sorting inventory, fulfilling orders, replying to customer emails, managing ads on Facebook and Instagram…the list of tasks just goes on and on. Working nearly 12 hours a day, my day and night completely flipped – the only sunlight I saw was through the small hopper window or when I went upstairs to use the bathroom.

Did just shy of $100k this month. Not sure if the grueling hours are worth it. I need to work for a bigger cause, just not sure what that is yet...

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