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Now that I had my idea, the first step was truly figuring out what sustainable fashion is. While there aren’t cookie-cutter criteria for sustainable fashion, the overarching idea is the movement and process of fostering change for fashion products and fashion systems towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. After hours of research, I found that natural and organic cotton is the most sustainable option and went with it. 
Due to the pandemic, I flew back to Korea. This ended up working in my favor because there are many suppliers in Korea to approach to getting a possible sample made for SAIL. 
After quarantine, I met with a friend of mine in the fashion industry to learn more about where to source organic cotton. Just an hour north of where I was staying, there was a whole market dedicated to wholesale clothing. 
However, I had no luck in Korea. No one bothered giving me the time of day because organic cotton is extremely expensive and difficult to source. 
I emailed roughly around 200 factories and got 7 responses. Four of which were thank you emails, but the other three factories were genuinely interested in working on SAIL with me! 

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