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I did another mass email send spree to find a non-profit interested in collaborating with SAIL. After having multiple conversations with various groups and organizations, I decided to work with the Reef Life Foundation! 
I chose the Reef Life Foundation because I was blown away by the Reef Life’s IntelliReef technology—I believe IntelliReefs are the future of coral restoration. While traditional coral restoration includes stringing call coral seeds in the ocean until they are ready to be manually attached to a live coral reef, the IntelliReefs can be simply deployed in the ocean with minimal maintenance. IntelliReefs that have been deployed have shown 100% biodiversity within just 14 months. 
Currently hopping on weekly phone calls with Melody, the Founder and CEO, to draft out an agreement between SAIL and Reef Life. So excited that I found a group that is so passionate and likes SAIL! The team loved the designs and were super excited to get the project underway. 
Sitting at a bench at Burlington’s waterfront after enjoying a nice dinner with my friends. Love it here.

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