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We have partnered with Reef Life Foundation

IntelliReefs are bio-inspired marine structures made with Oceanite. They are formulated from twenty years of nano-materials expertise guided by leading coral laboratories.

1 Item = 1 Coral Reef Habitat

The proceeds from each item from SAIL will go towards deploying a Coral Reef Garden habitat through our partner, the Reef Life Foundation. These habitats will be planted to revitalize, restore, and protect at risk coral reefs. 

Together We Can Save Coral Reefs

There are currently miles of dying coral reefs surrounding Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma caused widespread physical destruction and left toxic debris and pollution in the ocean. It will take 100's of years for these reefs to naturally re-grow without our help.

Our IntelliReefs coral reef gardens provide critical homes for biodiverse marine plants and animals, supporting increased fish aggregation and natural coral settlement. They have been found to foster 100% biological coverage in less than 14 months!

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How do IntelliReefs work?